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Getting started with your

Welcome to your journey to a better and more natural night’s sleep! Now that you have your S+, let’s take you through the few, quick steps needed to get you up and running so you can get ready for your first sleep. If you need more detailed information, you can get into the nitty gritty in either the User Manual included with your purchase or by looking at the Help Center after you Log In.

Download the S+ by ResMed App

Download the app from the Apple® App Store. Simply search for "S+ by ResMed". The app will be available from the Google Play™ store soon.

Get S+ by ResMed on the Apple App Store   Get it on Google Play

Tip: Trouble downloading or setting up the app? Make sure both WiFi and Bluetooth® are active on your device.

Remove the S+ components from

What’s included with your S+:

Contains the sensor that collects information about your sleep and your environment.

Holds the pod in position at a suitable level above your mattress.

Power Supply Unit:
An AC-DC adapter with 2 USB ports.

USB power cable:
Connects the S+ pod to the power supply unit.

You will also need your compatible Apple® or Android™ smartphone or tablet, in addition to having both WiFi and Bluetooth® switched on.

Connect the S+ to a power supply

Insert the power cable into the micro USB socket in the back of the pod. Next, connect the other end of the USB power cable into one of the USB outlets in the power supply unit. Plug the power supply unit into your power outlet closest to your nightstand.

Tip: To power your S+, use only the USB cable and power supply unit provided.

Register your account

Launch the S+ by ResMed app and it will guide you through a simple registration process.

Provide us with a few sleep details

At this point, we’ll ask you some brief questions about your sleep and daily activity.

Tip: These questions are designed to help us provide you with the most accurate and specific advice on your sleep. The more information we have, the more personalized your feedback will be.

Take the app tour

The S+ Guide will give you a quick overview of the app features and how S+ works to help you better your sleep.

Tip: You can review the app tour anytime by going to the Settings menu.

Pair S+ to your compatible smartphone or tablet

With the S+ app still running, make sure your pod is powered up and that Bluetooth is on. Exit the S+ Guide in the app. On screen, select “Connect your S+”. From the list of available Bluetooth devices, choose “S+ by ResMed”. You should then see the message “S+ successfully paired.” A steady green light on the front of the pod also indicates that your smartphone or tablet has paired with S+.

Tip: Keep your smartphone or tablet in the bedroom once you’ve started tracking your sleep for the night.
The S+ will keep tracking sleep even when Bluetooth is interrupted, but a Bluetooth connection must be re-established to transfer data to your device.

Position your S+ by your bed

Position the S+ near your bed

Place your S+ on the nightstand closest to the side of the bed where you sleep. The bottom of the S+ pod should be slightly higher than the top of your mattress. Orient your S+ so the pod is at arm’s length from you when you’re in bed. Angle the S+ so the front of the pod is facing your chest. You can tilt the pod within the frame if you need to adjust the angle. Do not place objects directly between your S+ pod and you while you are sleeping.

Tip: S+ will measure your sleep in any sleeping position, so long as it’s roughly within arm’s length of you as you sleep.

Start tracking your sleep

Tap the "Sleep" icon on the Home screen. Answer the daily questions. Then select "Sleep" on the Pre-Sleep Screen to begin monitoring your sleep. Simply tap "Stop Tracking" to end sleep monitoring when you have finished sleeping.

Login to the website

Now that you have your S+ up and running and have created your S+ account, why not track a few night's sleep and then login to the site to start seeing your sleep data in more detail?

S+ Login